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During the initial years there would not be a surplus payment as crops have to be grown, fruit trees have to mature, and livestock has to be bred and given the time to grow.

Rare breeds are another interesting venture being considered, maintaining and preserving stocks some traditional breeds going. The sheep breeding enterprise will involve cross-breeding the Hebridean with the local South Down ram, taking them to the Hoggets stage. The Hebridean is a very lean bred, while the meat from the South Down lost popularity due to its high fat content. To combine  these two breeds would create an excellent product.

Herbal crops are another option being considered, and a amount of land could be utilized for timber production, including sweet chestnut and hard woods, as part of a long-term investment.

We at this moment looking at a property that has been an organic registered holding for a number of years, it has ponds and lakes and prospects for enlargement for water sports. There are buildings cover 25,000 feet with amazing views towards the South Downs with a good access road.

We are inviting you to apply for shares and we will contact potential registered investors once we have established enough interest in the venture.